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Posted on: August 3, 2022

Wellness Wednesday: Earn Go365 Points in the Summer Smorgasbord!


For many, August is the peak of summer. Are you trying to squeeze in a few more hot-weather activities before the leaves turn, the frost bites, and the kids head back to school? Don’t forget to make safety part of your preparations! 

Catch up on all the hottest summer safety tips using the resources below in this article. When you are finished, Go365 users can submit your review of the below resources by August 31 to receive 175 Go365 points!

Are You Water Competent?

Water competency is a way of improving water safety through avoiding common dangers, developing fundamental water safety skills, and knowing how to prevent and respond to drowning emergencies. Visit the American Red Cross website to learn more.

Are You Drinking Enough?

Drinking enough water every day is important to your health. Visit the CDC website to learn about the benefits of staying hydrated.

Are You Weather Wise?

When thunder roars, go indoors. Being outside during a thunderstorm can put you at risk from lightning, high winds, and flooding. If the forecast calls for severe weather, do you know what to do? Learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a thunderstorm

Are You Keeping Wildlife Wild?

If you will be wildlife watching at a park or natural areas this summer, remember to keep your distance. You will not only be protecting yourself, but also the wildlife. Visit the National Park Service website for seven ways to safely watch wildlife.

Are You Preventing Wildfires?

Whether in your own backyard or on a camping trip, building a campfire is a big responsibility. To ensure that others will also be able to enjoy our beautiful natural areas, learn how to be fire smart as only you can prevent wildfires!

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