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Posted on: November 16, 2021

Tech Tuesday: Email Quarantine


What Our Software Upgrade Means for You - Barracuda Networks

One week ago, the Information Technology Department upgraded the software that is used to protect and store our e-mail communication. This software comes from a company named Barracuda Networks, and with this upgrade, a few things may be different for all of you.

Quarantined Emails - You Decide How to Handle These

First, the Barracuda e-mail filtering software lets good messages through, keeps bad messages out, and now places some messages into ‘quarantine’. These are messages that the software isn’t quite sure what to do with, so you get to decide how they are handled.

When a message is put into quarantine, you will then receive a notice e-mail similar to the one below, with the ability to: 

  • DELIVER:  Sends the message to your inbox.
  • ALLOW LIST:  ‘White lists’ the sender, meaning all future messages from this sender will be delivered to your inbox.  
  • BLOCK LIST:  Blocks this sender from sending any future messages to your inbox.
  • VIEW MESSAGE LOG:  Allows you to safely view the contents of the message from a browser without compromising your inbox.

Picture1 Email Quarantine

Use New Add-on to Forward Suspicious Email Directly to IT

Another change you will notice soon is a new add-on to your inbox.  Previously, we had an add-on called a Phish Alert from KnowBe4. For those of you using the new Outlook email app on your desktops, that add-on will be replaced with a similar button from Barracuda. This is what that will look like:

Message Actions Barracude Screenshot

For those using a browser to access e-mail, you will also have access to the add-on. It will look more like this:

Picture3 Barracuda Essentials

Please use this alert feature (the new add-on) to forward any suspicious e-mail directly to the IT Department. Thank you.

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