Benefits Resource Center (BRC)


Did you get a medical bill that seems incorrect? Are you having trouble understanding your benefits? Tired of getting the run-around from your insurance? Stop stressing about your insurance - get answers with the Benefit Resource Center (BRC)!

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What is the BRC?

The Benefit Resource Center (BRC) is a free service offered to all benefited employees and retirees, including covered dependents. The BRC's Benefits Specialists are experts in your benefits and work directly with insurance carriers so you can focus on other things. The BRC can help resolve issues relating to medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug benefits. For an overview of the BRC, watch this short video.

Consider contacting the BRC if you need help with:

  • Benefit plan and policy questions (e.g. "How does my coinsurance work again?")
  • Eligibility and claim problems (e.g. "I thought they said that would be covered!")
  • Questions about available benefits (e.g. "Is acupuncture covered by insurance?")
  • Finding in-network providers (e.g. "PPO, HDHP, POS, HPN...what the heck plan am I on again?")
  • And much more!

What can't the BRC do?

How to use the BRC

  • Call 1-855-874-0742 – the BRC is open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST Monday-Friday. If you call during off hours, leave a message and a benefit specialist will return your call. 
  • Email – If you’d prefer, you can also email the BRC with your question or issue. 
  • Text – Please note that while the BRC may receive text messages, they will call you back because text messages are not HIPAA compliant. 

If you don’t speak with someone immediately, you can expect to receive a response within one business day, though usually you’ll hear back the same day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I get a resolution? 

It depends. Since the BRC often works on complex issues, immediate resolution may not be possible. However, your benefit specialist will provide details on timing so you can know when to expect a follow up/resolution. 

How is this different than calling the carrier myself? 

Since the BRC is constantly working with carriers, they’ve established specific contacts to ensure timely and accurate responses—they’re not calling the general 1-800 number. And since they are well-versed in solving member issues, they will follow up with you and the carrier until a resolution is found. 

Additionally, the BRC keeps detailed notes on your issue on secure, HIPAA-compliant software, so you won’t have to explain your entire story ten times. Once a resolution is found, they’ll work with you to ensure you fully understand the insurance mechanics of why things happened the way they did and how to avoid future challenges. 

Additional Resources

All City employees also have access to HealthJoy, a free benefits app with a slew of great resources, including free telehealth services and a Medical Bill Review feature, which provides the ability to have your bill reviewed and any billing questions answered by a third-party expert. 

Healthjoy LogoDownload the free Healthjoy app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play or call a member representative at (877) 500-3212 to try it out.