Go365 Renewal

The Go365 program year runs from March 1 through February 28. Wondering what happens to your Points, Bucks, or Status level at the beginning of a new program year? See the below information or read Go365's "What to Know" flyer for details.


When the new program year begins, your Go365 points reset to zero. Keep in mind that Points are different than Bucks. Points determine your status level (Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), and cannot be spent.

To get you started off on the right foot, you will be awarded a 10% carryover credit based on the total Points earned in the previous program year. For example, if you earned 15,000 Points in 2021, you would start the 2022 program year with 1,500 Points. The carryover credit is calculated using all Points earned, including points earned by your spouse, if any.

New Point Opportunities

For some activities in Go365, you can only earn Points once per program year. Other activities may also have annual Point limits. When the new program year begins, you can once again earn points for such activities, up to their yearly limit. Here are a few examples of activities that you can complete again to earn points at the beginning of the program year:

  • Health Assessment Survey
  • Biometric Screening
  • Courses or conversations tied to a recommended activity
  • Calculators

Biometric Screening Credit

You may notice an unexpected bump in your Points total at the turn of a new program year. This credit of Points happens when certain biometric results from the previous program year fall within a "healthy" range. The screenings eligible for this upfront credit are blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose.

Because these three screenings don't often significantly change from year to year, you can receive your points for them at the start based on in-range results from the previous program year. Note that you can receive Points for both the screening AND in-range results (400 Points each), for a total of up to 2,400 Points.

Health Assessment Bonus

If you complete the online Health Assessment Survey portion of the Health Risk Assessment within the first 90 days of the new program year, you will receive a 250 Point bonus! This is in addition to the 500 Points you are eligible to receive for completing the Health Assessment Survey at any point in the Program year.


Bucks are what you spend in the Go365 Mall to get rewards. You earn one Buck for every Point earned. Bucks carry over from year to year, but you have 3 years to spend your Bucks. If any of your Bucks are expiring at the end of the plan year, you will see a notice next to your Buck total.

Because Bucks are tied to Points, you will receive Bucks equal to your 10% carryover in Points at the beginning of a new program year. For instance, if you end the program year with 8,500 Points and 10,000 Bucks, when the new program year begins, you will have 850 Points and 10,850 Bucks.

In addition, if you are able to reach the same Status level you received the previous program year, you will earn double the Bonus Bucks! For example, if you received 1,500 Bonus Bucks for reaching Gold Status in 2020, you will receive 3,000 Bonus Bucks for reaching Gold Status again in 2022.

Status Level

Your Status level resets to "Blue" at the start of a new program year. Note that if you end the program year in Blue Status, any Points or Bucks you have earned will not roll over into the new program year. This includes Bucks earned from previous program years. You must earn Bronze Status or higher to carry over Points or Bucks into the new program year.